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Wireless outdoor sirens

Three models of outdoor wireless sirens representing an essential part of an alarm system: a new box, with a highly refined design, anti-foam shape and tampering protection against opening, wall detaching and breaking attempts. The great acoustic power is highly dissuasive, while the flashing light allows the location. The surprise effect of the speaking models does not disturb the neighbours, but bewilders and dissuades the intruder.
All models confirm system arming and disarming with flashing light and adjustable sound.

5530 SIRENYA BD HT : wireless bidirectional siren powered by Silentron battery-pack. Autonomy approx. 4 years, variable according to use. Sound power 116 db, built-in flashing light and possibility of adding the vocal p.c.b. ( for warning vocal messages. In case of tamper, the siren sends an alarm signal to the control panel.

5530 siren