5519 Glass-break detector

Generality: this device is built to signal the breaking of glass in a room.
Use features: volumetric protection through a microphone in rooms of approx. 6 x 4m or smaller.
Installation features: the lack of wiring obligations favours the correct positioning, which is fundamental for the good functioning of these device, which must be installed on the wall facing that with most windows, at a height higher than 2m.

Power supply: 9V alkaline battery type GP1604A or equivalent, for an autonomy of approx. two years with normal use.
Anti-tampering: signals opening of the device.
Radio transmission: simultaneous DualBand frequency in accordance with EU law. Range suitable for use.
Control and test: a simple clap of the hands causes the switching on of the LED, to demonstrate that the device is active and functioning. Attention: this does not cause the actual alarm: if wanting to also verify the state of the alarm, breaking of a glass must be faked with mechanisms or use the appropriate test device.

This device has a microphone which is sensible to acoustic frequencies typically heard by the breaking of glasses, porcelains and similar materials. As well as the intrusion alarm, Glass-break detector signals the tampering once event is verified; the operating status (supervision) and any low battery every 40 minutes: the control panel highlights these signals following arming and/or disarming.

Device local signals:  this device has an alarm/test LED, which also signals low battery, by quickly flashing for a few seconds