Generality: these sirens are the most effective dissuasion mean as they violently disturb the intruder. Therefore, the global efficiency of the system definitely increases where these sirens are used in adequate number.

Use features: general anti-intrusion alarm systems.
Installation features: the device can be installed on the wall or simply hidden above high furniture. Using more than one per system, has a higher dissuasive effect and a more difficult identification of the position for destroying purposes.

Technical features:
Power supply: 3 LR14  1.5V alkaline batteries, for an autonomy of nearly two years with normal use.
Radio reception: mono frequency (433MHz) according to EU law; range suitable for use
Anti-tampering: alarm on opening the cover, timed at 3 minutes; such alarm blocks placing the control panel in TEST.
Control and test: granted that at every arming/disarming the sirens issue confirmation acoustic signals, the best test for the sirens consists in causing an alarm and have them sound. The acoustic power released is the best guarantee of a correct functioning and correct batteries charge present in the devices. Low power indicate with certainty lack of current of the batteries.
Acoustic power: over 106 db at 1m

Functioning: the sirens sound for 3 minutes on control from control panel.

Local signals:

  • system total/partial arming = 3 beeps
  • disarming = 1 beep (volume adjustable down to zero)
  • low battery: repeated "beeps" subsequent to arming/disarming the system.
5034 SP-P