Doge LSP is the Doge version equipped with an anti-drilling device, patented anti-foam and anti-shock device. With the aim to make design and beauty a primal element of its production, Venitem looks forward and creates sirens perfected from the technologic point of view too, and complying to the most rigorous norms. This will allow all the security operators to have the chance to offer sirens characterized by the high-tech made in Italy and unique design.

Doge LSP allows various customizations, thanks to the special painting process able to preserve constantly the colours in time, and the several solutions that Venitem reserves to its customers.

It is certificated at III, and major, level IMQ –Security System.

Main technical data: self-powered and self-protected siren, microprocessor circuit, led flashing, patented anti-foam and anti-shock protection, anti-drilling system, 4 sound and 4 timings, programmable alarms, double magnetic tamper reed anti-opening and anti-tear, system state signaling, automatic battery self-test, electronic circuits protected by resin immersion to guarantee a complete protection against the most difficult climatic conditions.