radioswitch :: RX 1CAN radioswitch / 5542 RX motor radioswitch receivers for home automation functions

Receivers for home automation functions

5541 RX 1 can. Radioswitch / 5542 RX Motor Radioswitch


Generality: these devices receive signals via radio from all Silentron transmitters devices, therefore remote controls, detectors, control panels, supplying an output for various uses.
Use features: radio controls reception on behalf of all Silentron transmitters to control 230V AC devices of various type (switching on lights, home appliances, pumps and so on).
Installation features: these receivers are installed where signal reception is required, therefore in radio range respect to transmitters, bearing in mind that they have integrated aerial, therefore they cannot operate inside metal containers. The very reduced dimensions allow to install them directly in the terminal boxes of the electrical system.

Common technical features:
Power supply: 230V AC - negligible absorption.
Radio reception: 433MHz mono frequency in accordance with EU law.
Programmable peripherals: up to 32 , with different functions also (monostable - bistable - timed).
Outputs 5541: 1 free exchange from potential, programmable depending on use. Contacts load 100mA (pre-arrange servo relay where required).
Local signals: programming LED.

Note: model 5541 is suitable for general uses, whereas model 5542 is specifically used to control motorised rolling window shutters and/or rolling door shutters.